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Diamond Cut

Diamond Cut

Diamond Cut is the third book in The Glass Complex Trilogy.

Steg de Coeur, his friends, and the mercenary Ebony Company are collected by a superdreadnought sent by the Glass Complex. Xesset are threatening a major attack on the Western Star Empire, the Alliance, and a number of free, unaligned systems, including Djii. Homeworld, Steg’s home planet, and Djii have formed a naval task force to defend their planets from this threatened alien attack. TheGlass Complex has created high-level AIs to manage the superdreadnought, the flagship of the new fleet. Steg rescues his friend Denke from an ImpSec takeover and captures his old enemy, Marius of the House of Aluta. Denke joins Steg to make overtures to the Emperor to engage Imperial support for the task force where they are attacked by ImpSec. Steg, Denke, and their companions succeed in escaping ImpSec and make their way to the headquarters of the Alliance government. Here they also persuade the military to support their task force. Battles with Xesset starships threaten their AIs. Steg has the fleet he needs to counter-attack the Xesset in time to counter the massed Xesset fleet. This battle and subsequent events bring the trilogy to a close. But what happens when boredom sets in? Read this exciting conclusion to The Glass Complex Trilogy.


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Amazon Review: The Glass Complex Trilogy


"I started the book with the intention of reading one chapter an evening and after forcing myself to put it down and go to bed the first night, I finished it on the 2nd night. There is a great storyline with a mixture of intriguing and well-developed characters..."
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