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The Glass Complex Trilogy Box Set

Glass  Complex Box Set

Can you use photons for processing data? Can you store the results in glass storage units? Can you communicate directly with a massive quantum computer? Would such a computer include a time dimension to its existence?

Answers to these questions surface - almost - in the Glass Complex.

Broken Glass

Steg de Coeur, scion of the ruling family of Homeworld, his family murdered to further an armed takeover of Homeworld by the House of Aluta, flees to space just ahead of corporate mercenaries and warrants issued for his arrest for treason against the Empire. He manages to buy a commission in the Imperial Navy where he uses his growing ability to link directly to computers to aid in the capture of an alien [Xesset] space ship preying on Imperial shipping lanes. He is court-martialed on false charges and marooned on Hellfire, a desert planet controlled by the House of Aluta. Steg is helped by an old prospector and is befriended by Millicent of Fain; he and Millie penetrate the mining enclave to take over control of the massive drilling machines.

Duels, deaths, enlistment in Imperial Special Forces, and exploration of ancient portals, deaths, and attacks drive the tension. The Special Forces aid his recovery of Homeworld where he is ambushed and shot as he steps through a portal. No one can find him or his body, if he was killed.

Fracture Lines

Steg de Coeur, severely wounded, is transported back in time to an Imperial hospital starship. He has lost his memory and is unable to account for his presence on board the starship. ImpSec charges him with spying and sentences him to death. Steg is off-loaded in chains and transported to a prison run by the House of Aluta where he will be scheduled for execution.

Steg escapes the prison when a mercenary commander recruits prisoners who have been sentenced to death. He establishes himself as a potential mercenary officer while gradually recovering his memory. He discovers the mercenaries, lured into a trap by their alien strategist, are about to engage with Xesset starships. He has to contend with betrayal, a Charion priestess, and divided loyalties of the mercenaries.

Steg takes over leadership of the mercenary force and is tasked with the capture of a freighter loaded with munitions. He must defeat its Xesset escort and also overcome their dreadnought sent to destroy the mercenaries and capture their client’s planet.

Steg is needed by the Glass Complex.

Diamond Cut

Steg de Coeur is retrieved by a massive, self-aware starship, at the direction of the Glass Complex. The Xesset are massing a major fleet. The Imperial Intelligence Agency has been attacked by Imperial Security forces. The Empire is in disarray. Steg builds a force to defend Imperial and Alliance civilization against the Xesset. After betrayals and political maneuvers almost end the fight against the aliens, Steg leads a force of military starships against the aliens. He defeats the Xesset and returns to Homeworld. The self-aware starship follows him and entices him and his friends back onboard.

Read the final story to discover the conclusion to the trilogy.


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"I started the book with the intention of reading one chapter an evening and after forcing myself to put it down and go to bed the first night, I finished it on the 2nd night. There is a great storyline with a mixture of intriguing and well-developed characters..."
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