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Quantum Zoo

Quantum Zoo

Quantum Zoo is an anthology containing a wonderful collection of exciting, enthralling short stories from a dozen of the best new authors in science fiction and fantasy. From a ghost park to a time-travel penitentiary of murderers to a menagerie of Egyptian deities, Quantum Zoo presents 12 compelling stories involving 12 very different living exhibitions. Including a wonderfully atmospheric tale by Hugo- and Nebula-nominated Bridget McKenna.

John was invited to contribute one of his short stories and submitted You’ll Be So Happy, My Dear, which introduces the Xerggianths, aliens inimical to almost all intelligent life. Xergs just want to breed. The story moves almost into horror, although one of the reviewers described it as alien erotica.

Other contributors include Bridget McKenna, R.S. McCoy, A.C. Smyth, Ken Furie, Sarah Stegall, S.E. Batt, Scott Dyson, Morgan Johnson, Frances Stewart, D.J. Gelner, and J.M. Ney-Grimm. Visit their author pages on Amazon.

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"This book, which has combined elements of both fantasy and sci-fi, was an enjoyable, action-packed romp. It sets itself apart by displaying archaic principles of honor and swordplay next to scenes of spaceships and advanced civilizations."
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