Mark Two

Mark Two

Cerberus is breeding super soldiers and has penetrated the FBI, DHS, CIA, the US Army, and other government departments. Rogue Cerberus soldiers have killed Agency operatives, deleted FBI records, stolen millions from currency transfers to Istanbul, and are creating even more powerful forces inimical to US law enforcement departments.

Archimedes Schmidt and Special Agent MayAnn Freewell go sailing in the Caribbean and when they meet with a Cerberus informer, a sniper assassinates him. The search for Cerberus escalates and Schmidt is recalled to active service and promoted to General.

MayAnn Freewell and Schmidt are sent to Afghanistan where they enlist the support of Special Forces to arrest a rogue Cerberus MP battalion. Schmidt is shot and survives.

Mark Midway is living in Boston under an assumed name when he is witness to a kidnapping. He shoots and kills the kidnappers and saves their victim, an eighteen-year-old daughter of a billionaire. His life goes downhill from that point: he is attacked, kidnapped, and then held prisoner with a group of Cerberus children.

Schmidt discovers his relationships are not as reliable as he thought, fatally so.

Key people in Cerberus are attacked by Chinese agents tasked with establishing a research laboratory so they can join the race to breed super soldiers.

Mark needs to survive. All he wants is a normal life.

Mark Two continues the page-turning momentum of Mark One; it is a fast-moving, finely plotted thriller that will keep you reading.


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Amazon Review: The Mark Midway Series


"This is a standalone series opener that not only introduces the characters but also provides an edge of the seat, action packed, emotionally detached, espionage thriller. Mark Midway is a genetically engineered young man who knows little about his origins or his past..."
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