Mark Midway Series Box Set

Mark Midway box set

Read the complete set of Mark Midway thrillers, From Mark One to Mark Four. Mark knows only one response when he, or those near him, are attacked – fight back. This is an excellent thriller series, mixing genetic engineering and high levels of technology. Once you start, you’ll keep reading.

Mark One

Mark is genetically engineered. He has never managed to discover either his parents or his birthplace. He was ‘sold’ to a private laboratory, the LifeLong complex, when he was very young and grew to regard the two doctors who controlled the lab as his adoptive parents. A quasi-military team under rogue CIA control is sent to destroy the complex known as LifeLong. Mark reacts. He kills seven of the attackers. He then flees, trying to avoid the attention of his possible enemies.

Mark Two

Mark encounters Cerberus, a major genetic engineering venture, breeding super soldiers. Some have gone rogue. Mark is living in Boston using a false identity when he is witness to a kidnapping. He shoots and kills the kidnappers and saves their victim, an eighteen-year-old daughter of a billionaire. His life goes downhill from that point: he is attacked, kidnapped, and then held prisoner with a group of Cerberus children.

Mark Three

A young woman escapes from a luxury yacht while it is under attack by Chinese pirates. American law enforcement agencies collude and conspire to bring about the end of Cerberus. A military helicopter is brought down over Washington by a Russian missile; General Archimedes Schmidt is in a critical condition.

Meanwhile, Mark meets his sister and travels to London where he rescues three genetically engineered children. He finds romance, but he and his companions are under attack in both the US and UK.

Mark Four

Mark is back in the US, where police collude with a supposed FBI agent to kidnap him. Mark suffers – he is tied to a zinc autopsy table and tortured. A video of his suffering is sent to Cerberus and Mark’s coded message is interpreted by a young lab technician. But is it a trap?

The ending holds more than one surprise.

All Mark wants is a normal life. One of these days, he hopes, he’ll achieve his objective.

Share Mark’s terrors – read the series.


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Amazon Review: The Mark Midway Series


"This is a standalone series opener that not only introduces the characters but also provides an edge of the seat, action packed, emotionally detached, espionage thriller. Mark Midway is a genetically engineered young man who knows little about his origins or his past..."
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