Jack’s Planet

Jack Foster 3 eBook 2k

Jack’s Planet is the third book in the Jack Foster Space Opera series. The first two books both took off like rockets – rewarding when you’re writing Space Opera.

Jack has undertaken to return rescued Tirarge, a hitherto unknown species, to their home planet. The first problem? The Tirarge cannot speak – they’re telepathic. The second problem? They don’t know where their home system is located. The third problem? Another starship is following Fearless, likely seeking revenge.

Oh wait, there’s another problem. Two other species also inhabit this unknown planet, and they can’t speak, either.

Surprisingly, that’s not the end of Jack’s problems.

Jack, while sympathetic to the issues facing the planet and its people, has no standing apart from Fearless and his three bots and the Eagles and the SAC scouts and a squad of Black Company marines and a warrior squad of Tirarge and an AI or two…

The rulers of the planet, ignoring civilized conventions, have a simple yet elegant solution. They re-name their world and nominate Jack as its new owner. They engrave the title to the planet on a massive diamond, a jewel worth more than Jack can ever dream of. The new name of this world?

Jack Foster’s Planet

There are enemies on their way, possibly a GalFed destroyer or two, and a planet to protect. Join Jack and his team – ever increasing – in their venture to help their new friends against slave traders, and Jack’s Planet against illegal mining.

This is the third epic space opera story in the Jack Foster series.


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