Broken Glass

Book One: The Glass Complex Trilogy

book-broken glass

What can one man do to recover his home?

A small planet, its wealth hidden – or so they thought; peaceful, although its inhabitants are prepared to fight for what is theirs—they call it Homeworld.

A traitor helps a rival house in its attempt to capture the planet. The ruling family fights back and all but one are captured. Steg de Coeur, directed by The Glass Complex, an ancient and self-aware computer complex, flees the planet. He gradually learns of his ability to communicate with computers, friendly, hostile, or alien. .

But he must ignore the siren songs of the stars.

He is pursued by false warrants and traitorous Imperial forces.

Their objective—his death.

His objective—revenge.

He loves and loses a Fain.

The Glass Complex is a series of action-packed adventures in space. If you like military sci-fi, interspecies intrigue, and a touch of fantasy, then you’ll love this space opera.

Read Broken Glass, the first book in The Glass Complex.


The Glass Complex Series