Diamond Cut

Book Three: The Glass Complex Trilogy

Diamond Cut Final - 150dpi

One minute you’re in the past, the next you’re back in your own time.

Steg de Coeur, his Fain companions, and Ebony Company are collected by a superdreadnought sent by the Glass Complex. The Western Star Empire, the Alliance, and a number of free, unaligned systems, including his Homeworld, are under threat of attack by the Xesset.

Meanwhile ImpSec make their own rules. 

Steg and his allies convince the Alliance government to support their task force against the invaders.

Steg gathers the fleet he needs to counter-attack.

But how will he survive betrayals and defeat the aliens?

Diamond Cut is the third exciting story in The Glass Complex series. Enjoy military sci-fi, intrigue, and fantasy in this space opera.


The Glass Complex Series