Fracture Lines

Book Two: The Glass Complex Trilogy

20161128 Fracture Lines Final - 150dpi

How can you convince ImpSec you’re not a spy—when probably you are?

Steg de Coeur, shot by his enemies, is transported to a hospital starship hundreds of years in the past. Imperial Security charges him with spying and sentences him to death.

Steg is press-ganged by a mercenary force only to discover they are being lured into a trap by their alien strategist. He battles betrayals, a Charion priestess, and divided loyalties of the mercenaries. He is faced with defeating a Xesset force out to destroy the mercenaries and capture their client’s planet.

Fain support him; he defended one of theirs.

Meanwhile, his sword, Ebony, has its own adventure.

Steg is needed by the Glass Complex.

Fracture Lines is the second fiery adventure in The Glass Complex series. There’s more military sci-fi, intrigue, and fantasy in this space opera.


The Glass Complex Series