Battle Stations

Jack Foster BS small eBook 2

It’s difficult to retain your focus – and indeed, your life – when Ghost is trying to strangle and freeze you at the same time. He’s tried it before and failed. Will he succeed this time?

Who is attempting to board Fearless?

The native species on Jack’s Planet are protecting Jack and in turn, Jack has undertaken to stop the illegal mining that is polluting the atmosphere and the planet – his planet.

He stopped it, that’s for sure. A major—and angry—GalFed corporation is complaining about the destruction of their multi-billion credit mining operation. They’ll complain more when they discover Jack is confiscating the refined ore they’ve so industriously accumulated.

GalFed Space Navy starships are more than interested. Fortunately, the Black Company’s destroyers providing support.

An alien starship has been searching for Jack and it too, arrives.

Space is getting crowded.

Jack’s making enemies faster than he’s making friends. Well, almost.


Jack Foste Space Operas