You Don’t Know Jack

You Don't Know Jack

Battle stations! The enemy is coming…

But who is the enemy, and why are they hiding behind cloaks and screens? And why do they want Jack’s Planet?
GalFed said they couldn’t have it.

Or did they?

Jack, Jenny, and Jack Senior have to defend Jack’s Planet from anyone who tries to get a piece of it.

But the real fight isn’t there. Those are only skirmishes in the greater battle that takes Jack Foster to the heart of the monarchy to find the source of his angst.

While Robert Van de Huis continues to fight his battles to save the RSN, starting with chairing the court martial of his arch-enemy, ex-Admiral Gallagher. Robert has to balance the now with the future if he’s to restore the public’s confidence.

Jack Foster is back in action in this explosive conclusion to John Hindmarsh’s epic space opera adventure!


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