Natural Born

Book Three: Annihilation Series


Stephen Hawking: “The development of artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race.”

Vladimir Putin: “…artificial intelligence will come to dominate the world.”

Darwin is adjusting to his new body; indeed, he’s literally in two minds. Toby and Billie are in London after escaping from brownshirts in New York. Toby is interviewed by Alice, a care bot, and the interview is broadcast across the country, bot to bot. Toby meets with two princes who are concerned about the impact bots will have on their country’s culture and economy.

Flocke assassinates senior members of his quasi-terrorist organization.

Darwin appears before a joint committee in Congress – and removes his head to prove he isn’t a human in disguise.  He goes on a campaign to persuade states to pass legislation declaring Bots are Persons. Congress is persuaded and the president vetoes their proposed legislation. He is furious when Congress overrides his veto.

The president dismisses half his cabinet and one of his new appointees is Flocke as attorney general – it’s amazing what can happen when Congress is in recess.

Bots push back against efforts to treat them as non-persons.

Toby and Billie are under attack – brownshirts, authorized by Flocke raid Pepper Mountain.

Conflicts continue as the country edges into chaos.

The excitement continues in book three of the Annihilation Series. Read it now!


The Annihilation Series