Mark Two

A Mark Midway Thriller


Mark is a fighter – when attacked, he fights back!

We continue the story commenced in Mark One, with a young genetically engineered Mark Midway, FBI Special Agent MayAnn Freewell, and the mysterious Archimedes Schmidt who reports directly to the President. Mark—whose only desire is to be normal—shoots and kills two would-be kidnappers and discovers his search for peace again will elude him. Mark needs to survive. All he wants is a normal life.

Schmidt works with FBI Special Agent Freewell to investigate a secret organization—Cerberus—which is infiltrating the FBI, the US Army, and other government departments with genetically engineered humans. Schmidt attempts to take control of Cerberus and discovers his personal relationships are not as reliable as he thought.

Mark Two continues the page-turning momentum of Mark One to a terrifying climax.

This is a fast-moving, finely plotted thriller that will keep you reading.


Mark Midway Thrillers