I, President

Book Four: Annihilation Series


Can a superintelligence run for president?

What if the Judges decide yes?

Darwin is ecstatic. Toby is worried; he decides he should provide a balance to Darwin’s ambitions and agrees to be his running mate.

The attorney general is arrested after a military raid on the Euler manufacturing mountain fails. The entire misadventure is televised and broadcast across the country. In revenge for the raid, Darwin destroys a ‘mother of all bombs’ and millions of dollars worth of aircraft.

Terrorist brownshirts, supported by Russian bots, attack Toby’s home, injuring Billie and transporting Toby to Washington DC. Bots surround the White House and capture the ambulance taking Toby in chains to the president; instead, Toby is taken to hospital for treatment.

Brownshirts are spreading, taking senior roles in state and local police forces. Terrorists murder people and destroy bots in a wild civil uprising across the country, their activities ignored by the law.

Will Darwin and Toby survive the election process? Not if Saul, the president’s communication director, has his say.

Who survives?  Who wins? Who loses?

Read I, President for the results.


The Annihilation Series