Mark Four

A Mark Midway Thriller


Mark is driven to survive.

Mark Midway returns to America to rebuild his home, which was destroyed by a gang of mercenaries. Police collude to effect his kidnapping on his way to Boston. His enemies include terrorists, a rogue NSA senior officer, a retired general, and a wealthy businessman; the latter wants control of all the Cerberus and LifeLong genetic engineering intellectual property. Cerberus teams in the US and UK rally to rescue Mark, but first, they need to discover his whereabouts. General Schmidt and the NSA senior officer are enemies. A Saudi intelligence team is operating in Washington, and they want more than the NSA’s latest plans to intercept foreign satellites and communications.

Mark suffers – he is tied to a zinc autopsy table and tortured.

He has been shot at, beaten, kidnapped, and tortured. All he wants is a normal life.

Mark will kill if necessary.


Mark Midway Thrillers